Sending Authentication Headers in Flex

Here’s a few useful posts concerning Authentication of HTTP requests.

In Flex (with HTTP Service class):

In Flex (with URLLoader class):

and in general, using Flash to interface with RESTful APIs:

All very interesting to me currently – sometime I’ll get down to writing a bit more about what I’m doing…

Data Binding an Array in Flex?

Can you do it?  No you can’t.

Not directly anyway – Arrays aren’t something that data binding works with in Flex.  ArrayCollection however, is something you can work with.  To use an Array as a bindable object, you can wrap it in an ArrayCollection.  It’s similar, but not the same as an Array – you can’t push, pull, pop or shift things anymore – you have to work with other methods like addItem or removeItem.

I would’ve liked to find that all of those classic array methods still worked, but what can you do?

Building a project tracker in Flex & AIR

Bug Tracking in Flex & AIR

Ok, this isn’t going to be a tutorial – not yet anyways.  So many projects, so little time to write about them.

As part of my attempts to improve the way I work, I’ve been on the look out for a private hosting solution for Subversion, that comes with project management tools like bug reporting, and – crucially – an API that I can work with in Actionscript.  My rather uninspired image above is the first draft of my bug tracking tool.

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