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Desktop Mashups?

It’s a fast-paced industry, with Digital Production studios (like us) transforming all manner of content from clients into wide variety of other formats. We’ll take school textbooks for example and transform them into interactive textbooks, or spreadsheets of contact details and translate them into Google Map pages.  A labour-intensive task?  It doesn’t have to be, if you’re clever about things (and a little flexible, and willing to get your hands dirty with alien programming languages).

Most companies have crossed into the realms of digital (who even works with paper anymore?) but that doesn’t mean that they are using formats that are compatable with web development – quite the opposite – they’ll mostly be Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. Likewise, images you’re supplied will be full-resolution megapixel camera shots, not web-optimised graphics. So, just how do you turn work around in an efficent, reliable way – in the easiest way possible for both you and the client?

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No updates? I’m working on it.

Eesh, how quickly two weeks go by – and its been even longer since I wrote anything new.  I’m working on stuff, I promise.  Blogging can fall by the wayside when you’ve got distractions like LittleBigPlanet or Spore you know.

I have been playing around with Flex and AIR again – I’ve got plans for a couple of tutorials or something like that – and hopefully very soon we’ll have a useful AIR application for download.

FOWA ’08 (Future of Web Apps conference) – Videos

I didn’t go to this one, so it’s really thanks to Andrew Shorten that I found the link, but it looks like FOWA have put videos of the vast majority of all of their sessions online for viewing.  Pretty sweet, huh?  I wish more things would do that – it’s a pain having to hunt them down afterwards!

What the client sees… and what the developer sees…

I think this demonstrates things pretty well!

Timecode: 00:00 to 00:50 – what the client sees.

Timecode: 00:50 to 02:12 – what the developer sees.

Original location:

This is a difference engine, or calculator, created in the upcoming
PlayStation 3 title, ‘Little Big Planet‘. (Which I can’t wait to get myself).

Flash vs. Silverlight 2.0

Peter Elst posted something interesting – a counter-arguement to an article published in the “Inside Digital Media” magazine…

I haven’t got a copy of the article, but Peter’s post is interesting.  I think it sets the tone with this quote;

“Facebook, MySpace, Google and eBay are not made in Flash, that is undoubtedly due to the fact that at that time they were not able to agree on licensing terms with MacroMedia”

Pop over there and have a read -  see what you think.