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Sandbox Design competition (results tomorrow)

Ok, so I didn’t get my ass into gear and enter the competition – but others did, and their designs are now available to view online. The results are announced tomorrow (being Monday) Check out the competition website.

I’ve had a mosey through the designs, and these are my favourates… Read More…

Exploring .air – the roundup.

Well, it’s gone Friday, so where’s my new AIR app? Unfortunately, I can’t give it you yet – although its nearly ready to be unleashed, I can’t show it until the next issue of the E-Newsletter is sent out. (That’s Marketing for you.) So you’ll have to hang on for a few weeks yet.

Nevermind, eh? I certainly learnt a lot playing with Flex builder / Air / AS3, and here’s hoping that I’ll have some spare time to do a few articles on what I’ve learnt – pitfalls, theory, code snippets, that kind of thing.

One thing I realised is that your intrinsic knowledge of Flash and it’s specialised coding methods mean very little working in Flex, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s bad – Flash programming is probably a bit of a niché market in how it’s done and works, and I get the impression that the Flex approach is a lot more mainstream theory-wise, so I’m prepared to put the effort into learning to code properly.

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MMT Digital relaunched!

Well, it’s been a ‘lil while in the making, but on Friday 6th, MMT Digitals’ New, Improved, and rather more snazzy website was unleashed upon the World Wide Web. Go have a look over at


Back online!

Yep, I’ve finally sorted out that darned Wireless Network. Turned out it was as simply down to a conflicting subnet between the two routers. Hooray for Netgear Technical Support!

Pittville Degree Show 2007 – see you there?

Well, today’s the day. No doubt some of the third-year students at Gloucester Uni are still working on their displays as we speak, but the Pittville Degree Show 2007 is opening in less than 12 hours now.

I’ll be along to see if they’re up to scratch, and hopefully meet some more of my old uni buddies back there aswell.