ImageSizer — and beyond(!)

It’s been a couple of years since I either started working on ImageSizer or it went public (I can’t remember which) and development has stalled a bit – but now I feel it’s time to get things back on track.  So here’s the plan.

ImageSizer, now.

ImageSizer is now up to version 0.6.1 – not that the version numbers are anything but arbitrary, of course.  You can import images, rotate them, crop them and resize the lot and output them to your machine.  It works, but the code is a little out of date now, my code-signing certificates are out of date, and I really want to try something new.  So… Continue Reading…

ImageSizer 0.5.3 is now available!

Wow.  Because I’m so lazy at actually blogging about things, at least two full versions of ImageSizer have come and gone since my last post, so this is going to be a round-up of all of the cool things that’ve been introduced to ImageSizer recently.

Individual files output

Individual files output

“Hey, that sounds like a good idea.”

ImageSizer initially started as a batch image resizer, and still is, but it seems a little over-restrictive to only be able to export files in a folder or compressed archive.  So now we have an individual files output panel.  Tacked onto the previous encoding output screen is a new option in the top left corner, labelled “Individual file export options” (perhaps that needs rephrasing).  Click that and the view will shift, showing you a list of the files that’ve just been resized, so you can grab individual files, instead of a single folder.

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ImageSizer updated! (again)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything substantial, and in a sense this post isn’t going to buck that trend!

ImageSizer version is available on the AIR Marketplace and via the automatic update framework. Much to my dismay ImageSizer version 0.4.12 went out into the wild with some showstopping bugs, and it’s taken a long time for me to devote enough time to hunting them down and fixing them. Version should finally kill off that bug – namely because I’ve managed to work out what it was. (I’ll get to that in a moment.)

If you’ve tried to use ImageSizer and found that it didn’t work then I apologise, and encourage you to download the latest version of ImageSizer from the AIR Marketplace and give it another shot! I’ve improved my pre-release testing process and am in the process of refactoring the internal code – which should both stop bugs like this from occuring again and also improve the extensibility of ImageSizer and make everything faster and a little more robust!

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ImageSizer version 0.4.9 released!

It’s been quite a while coming, but a new version of ImageSizer is now available. Here’s a little look at what’s new…

Optional custom chrome:

Optional custom chrome

Introduced as a part of our bid to follow ‘application best practice’, you can now enable or disable the custom chrome and window transition effects.  There’s plus sides to both custom and native OS chromes, but the point is that it’s always nice to let you choose!  The native OS chrome has better integration and performance than a custom chrome, but doesn’t always look quite so nice – and can’t have the same funky window window transitions.  It’s also going to be more consistent with the window chrome of other desktop applications, and gives you a noticeable performance boost on lower spec machines.

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ImageSizer – feedback screen fail. :-/

This is a ‘public service announcement’.  Basically, the ImageSizer feedback screen hasn’t always been working.  If you’ve used it already to send your feedback, there’s a good chance that the message wasn’t delivered, regardless of the confirmation screen you may have seen.  

It’s all fixed now, but if you’ve sent feedback or have a burning comment to make then please, send it again. (And sorry for the trouble.)

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ImageSizer updated, and now with a Crop tool.

ImageSizer is now up to version 0.4.6.  If you’re paying attention to the number of updates I’ve been putting up here, that’s a noticable jump from the last update, so I guess it’s time for a roundup of all of the features that have been introduced in this, and the other recent updates I forgot to mention.  

If you’ve been running ImageSizer then hopefully you’ll have seen the automatic updates announce themselves, but here they are with a features list and pictures!

General updates:

ImageSizer version 0.4.6

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ImageSizer is now available from the Adobe AIR Marketplace!

A couple of days ago Adobe relaunched the AIR Marketplace – the official repository of AIR applications available for download – and with it made things a lot more accessible for ‘Publishers’ to add their applications to the Marketplace.  I’m not really sure how you got your applications on the previous version of the marketplace, but now you just have to submit yourself as a publisher, get approved, and then submit your AIR application to the Marketplace (which also has to be approved).

So I’m pleased to announce that ImageSizer is now available from the Adobe AIR Marketplace, and we even fixed a few bugs in the process.

ImageSizer on the Adobe AIR Marketplace

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ImageSizer – now with a Feedback form!

ImageSizer 0.4.3

I’m a bit of a slave to my own ideas – why else would I spend my evenings knocking together a whole host of not-really-nessesary features for a simple application?  I have to many ideas I want to impliment and too little time to do it, so I’m also acutely aware that I tend to break things without realising, when I try and rush new features through.  Hopefully though, it’ll all turn out ok in the end!

Today’s release of ImageSizer (version 0.4.3) introduces another new feature – the Feedback panel.  Essentially it’s just a traditional e-mail contact form – heck, it doesn’t even have any validation (yet) – but it should allow anyone who has any ideas or comes across any bugs to drop me a note from within the application.  Kudos to Eero Koplimets for taking the time to suggest this feature!

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Introducing ImageSizer 0.4.2

Well, I’m a bit slack on the whole updates front – ImageSizer 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 have already slipped under the radar without a blog post – but with the latest release I thought I’d draw a little attention to it, not least because it fixes a bit an annoying bug that I introduced in version 0.4.1!

ImageSizer 0.4.2

So, what’s new in the latest version?

Well, one of the things that I’ve found a lot of AIR applications are missing at the moment, is the ability to configure their settings – particulary those things mentioned by Serge Jespers in his post: “6 AIR features that may annoy your users” [link].  Back with version 0.3.10 I introduced some Pixel Bender filters to the application.  Version 0.4 introduced the Application Settings window – although it only appeared to work.  Version 0.4.1 expanded on this by introducing some backend code that actually stored the settings, but had a glaring typo that meant the whole thing didn’t work.  Version 0.4.2 in short, fixes this.

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