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Open Screen madness?

Madness in a good way, of course. Like all those people who queue outside stores before the sales? That’s the good kind of madness. That’s the madness I mean. (And I couldn’t think of a more interesting Post title, and apparently, provocative Post titles are good for readership)

Adobe are at it again, it seems. You may remember that the flex sdk went open-source just over a year ago, and now the swf and flv formats themselves are going open source. Here is the press-release, and here’s the official site for the “Open Screen Project”.

So, what is the Open Screen Project, and why do we care?

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on AIR London / Review


Well, despite coming down with a killer headache 1/2 way through the event, I thoroughly enjoyed the London leg of the on AIR tour. All the guys from Adobe and [most of] the ‘guest speakers’ were really interesting. Toying around with AIR before the event helped understand things a little better, but looking up stuff on the ‘net just doesn’t compare to having it demonstrated on the tour. Like the worlds smallest video player.

I think you can tell something’s good if the event-hype subsides and you still find yourself dreaming up ideas.
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UTF-8 Bot – file encoding conversion with AIR

Well, here it is, my first Adobe AIR application from Flash.


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Adobe on AIR comes to London…

Well, I know this is a bit behind the official announcement, but the Adobe on AIR tour (that went across the US a little while ago) is soon to begin it’s European leg, stopping in 12 European cities.  I’m signed up for it, and should be attending the one in London, on the 9th April.

See the official site here.


I’ve never been to something like this before, so it should be fun.