Erk, my contact form is broken. Time to upgrade…

Since I’m on a bit of a ‘WordPress thing’ today, I thought I’d give a mention to the new version of one of my older plugins, WP-Contact form III.  Originally developed by Ryan Duff – whose site has since closed down (creating support problems with the plugin, to say the least) the WP-Contact form plugin was easy way to add contact email functionality to a WordPress blog.

Now it seems, Doug of the Marketing Technology Blog has taken on the task of developing the WordPress Contact form plugin, adding new features and keeping everything running smoothly with the newer versions of WordPress.  

You can read all about it and download the plugin at:

WordPress design competition…

The Sandbox Designs Competition for WordPress

Apparently, there hasn’t been one like it since 2004, but now Scott of is holding a “Sandbox design competition” (Sandbox being the name of the WordPress theme that it’ll all be based around)

Sandbox is, as you’ll see if you read the about section, a highly semantic theme for wordpress, dynamically generating a wealth of useful variations and classes, and effectively puts an unprecidented level of visual control into the CSS. Unprecidented vs. your normal WordPress theme, that is. 24,000 possible class selectors, apparently. Not that you’d use that many, I hope.

The competition runs until July 29th, with judgements made on the 6th August (when all of the entries will be released)

I’m gonna do my best to enter this one, and even if I don’t, the theme sounds like a promising new base for a redesign…

Figuring out WordPress

WordPress is very flexible, as I’m sure you’d guess. But how exactly can you get the best of it, from a coding point-of-view?

The danger with WordPress, of course, is that’d you’d just create yet-another WordPress Blog. Default settings, popular plugins, familiar layout. Undoubtably they all have their merits, but you’d be nievé to think there wasn’t room for improvement. So, here’s me, trying to improve on the WordPress standards. A little more thought into the information given on a per-page basis, for example. Or different layouts, that sort of thing.
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