About Psyked

Psyked is the website of James Ford, Flash Platform and Mobile App developer at MMT Digital.

Prior to focussing on Mobile App development, he's been a HTML & CSS guru, JavaScript hacker and Flash/Flex frameworker, with a little more than a smidge of Facebook Graph API development thrown in the mix.

James loves designing and producing all sorts of website and Flash-related things, as well as prattling on about their related technologies.

In 2011 his first book on programming - the "Flash Facebook Cookbook" - was published by Packt Publishing.

Obtaining Source code

In most cases, all source code released on this website is hosted on and available from GitHub. If something seems to be unavailable, send James an e-mail and he'll try and track it down for you.

View source code on GitHub.

Contacting James

Use the contact page.