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Building Bridges: Some solutions

In a non-too-subtle way, I thought I'd drum up a bit more enthusiasm for this years' Christmas Game, by showing you a few of the solutions that people have come up with for the levels.

Type 1: The Basic solution.

Oh yes, it works for the first level, but just you try that on some of the later ones...

Type 2: Adding some support

That's the basic principle for solving the later levels...

Type 3: Support overkill

One things' for sure, it ain't goin' down lightly.

Type 4: The Leap of Faith

It doesn't all have to join up, you know.  You could just build ramps!

Type 5: That's a ropey one...

Rope bridges. Flexible, and surprisingly strong.

Type 6: The unconventional solution

Sometimes the best solution isn't the most obvious.

Like the look of that?  Well, go check out our Christmas Game: Building Bridges, and see what you can come up with!

James Ford

James Ford

Front End web developer, author of the Flash Facebook Cookbook and Senior Developer at Deeson.

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