Figuring out Wordpress

Wordpress is very flexible, as I'm sure you'd guess. But how exactly can you get the best of it, from a coding point-of-view?

The danger with Wordpress, of course, is that'd you'd just create yet-another Wordpress Blog. Default settings, popular plugins, familiar layout. Undoubtably they all have their merits, but you'd be nievé to think there wasn't room for improvement. So, here's me, trying to improve on the Wordpress standards. A little more thought into the information given on a per-page basis, for example. Or different layouts, that sort of thing.

But first, I need to learn how to make Wordpress do what I want, and that's the point of this post. After much fruitless searching, I eventually discovered this page on Conditional Tags in Wordpress, which gives you documentation, theory and examples for the more... selective displays of information.