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Fixed: AIR update framework broken!

Arrgh! All of a sudden the AIR Update Framework stops working.  No explanation, no errors; nothing. Where you'd expect to see your update notification popping up, you get a window just like the one above - no content, just the default Flex blue background colour.

The problem is actually a pretty specific one, but it's not going to fix itself.  Using the Flex 3.5 SDK and the AIR Update Framework together causes this issue - obviously some part of the Flex SDK has changed between Flex 3.4 and 3.5, and no-one tested the framework before releasing it!  The issue is fixed in Flex 4 and doesn't occur in anything other than the 3.5 SDK - so upgrading / downgrading is one solution; or...

Hack a solution:

Kudos to Richard Leggett for this solution; you can add an event listener for the StatusUpdateEvent.UPDATE_STATUS event, which includes this code:
var loader:Object = NativeApplication.nativeApplication.openedWindows[1].stage.getChildAt(0);
loader.content.application.visible = true;
catch(e:Error) { trace("Wait till Flex 4!"); }

And this will get things back and working again.

More information:

Read the official bug report in the bug management system.
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