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Flash Player 10 is Live

Yes, Flash Player 10 is now live.

I was a little surprised because I hadn't thought that Flash 10 was going to go live anytime soon - in fact I'm still not sure if CS4 is available yet.  Adobe seems to spend so much time hyping various things that I can't tell the difference anymore between the 'things that are coming' and 'things that are available'.

But Flash Player 10 is available now.  Flash Player 10 support for other Adobe products like AIR or Flex are still on the hazy horizon, but I assume that they're coming soon.  I wish they'd stick to the same release dates for things, or be a little more definate...

Update: I've actually had a look into this a bit more thoroughly, and it seems like Adobe are actually keeping to the same release dates - releasing CS4 and Flash Player 10 on the same day.  I guess I was just expecting a fanfare or something...

It's that damned Flex SDK that confuses me - Flex has betas that can publish FP10 stuff way before FP10 goes live, but the Flash IDE doesn't do betas like that.  So if you ignore Flex, then Adobe are sticking to their guns with how they do things...

James Ford

James Ford

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