Internet woes fixed - thank you OpenDNS!

Argh.  For a couple of days now I've been unable to connect to Psyked from my home internet connection, for some inexplicable reason.  I won't claim to understand any of it, but it seemed like the whole internet worked except my domain.  I could even ping other websites on the same shared server, and access Psyked through a horribly slow open proxy server, but direct connection was a no-no.

Well, a bit of Googling into traceroutes, pings, hostnames and general techie mumbo-jumbo led me to reconfigure my home networks' DNS servers away from Virgin broadband and onto OpenDNS. Restart the router and boom! we're back online.

There's a lot written about a lot of things (namely problems with Virgin broadband, and some contention over the OpenDNS project).  Here's a few links I picked up, if you're interested;

James Ford

James Ford

Front End web developer, author of the Flash Facebook Cookbook and Senior Developer at Deeson.

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