Adobe CS3 Icons

It’s so hard to find useful resources for Icons on the web. Especially product icons. If you’ve ever tried putting together a design, one that requires product attribution, you’ll know what I mean. Far as I’m concerned, companies should start including things like hi-res pngs of their icons with the product. C’mon, don’t make me Google ‘Adobe CS3 Product Icons’ just to get a decent (i.e. full transparency & larger than 32x32pixels) logo.

Regardless, I found a cool set of these Icons the other day, thanks to koregraphik. The icons aren’t exact rips of the ‘real’ icons, but they’re very close. (Scaled down to 32x32 the rounded corners are neglible, and actually make the icon look smoother) They look sweet at full scale, and that’s good enough for me.

Adobe Flash CS3 Icon Adobe Director CS3 Icon Adobe Photoshop CS3 Icon