Flash Video - the Solution?

Working with a lot of Flash video (.flv) I’m acutely aware of the lack in decent, standalone FLV Players. Sure, there’s a few out there, but not many that are decent. I have used FLV Player 1.3.3, but it’s not up to much when you’re trying to preview or edit files. Adobe’s own Flash Video Encoder is worse than id’ve thought it would be. You can only encode once, and you can’t decode, edit or view the files afterwards. We have been promised the arrival of the Adobe Media Player, but that’s no comfort until it actually materializes.

By far the best solution for playing Flash Video so far is the RichFLV 2 - an Apollo-based desktop FLV Player. It’s in Alpha stage of production, (isn’t everything nowadays?) but it’s already looking far more promising than any competition.

Adobe Apollo CS3