FOTB: Day Zero

It’s coming up to 8pm on Sunday 28th, and that means the Workshops day for Flash on the Beach 2008 is over - but the fun begins again in only another 12 hours, with talks such as “Brilliant Ideas that I’ve blatantly stolen”, “Mash-up widgets with Adobe AIR” and “Modulating a lot” on the cards for tomorrow.

The day was good - I attended the “ActionScript 3.0 for Designers” workshop and Mark went along to the “Papervision3D” workshop.  Met new people, like ‘Stu’ from Plagro Web Design, recognised others from events like FlexCamp London (Peter Elst), and just recognised some from their blogs (like Aral Balkan, and Grant Skinner (at least, I think it was him…))

Remarkably for a full days’ staring at projection screens I didn’t end up with a killer headache, but no time to ponder that because it wasn’t long before we were off to get some food at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, shortly followed by a trek over to McDonalds to take full advantage of their free WiFi (because our hotel doesn’t offer it!).