Introducing ImageSizer 0.4.2

Well, I’m a bit slack on the whole updates front - ImageSizer 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 have already slipped under the radar without a blog post - but with the latest release I thought I’d draw a little attention to it, not least because it fixes a bit an annoying bug that I introduced in version 0.4.1!

ImageSizer 0.4.2

So, what’s new in the latest version?

Well, one of the things that I’ve found a lot of AIR applications are missing at the moment, is the ability to configure their settings - particulary those things mentioned by Serge Jespers in his post: “6 AIR features that may annoy your users” [link].  Back with version 0.3.10 I introduced some Pixel Bender filters to the application.  Version 0.4 introduced the Application Settings window - although it only appeared to work.  Version 0.4.1 expanded on this by introducing some backend code that actually stored the settings, but had a glaring typo that meant the whole thing didn’t work.  Version 0.4.2 in short, fixes this.

So, what settings have we introduced?

Remembering window position and dimensions;
ImageSizer - Window Preferences

Visual Effects;

ImageSizer - Visual Effects

Automatic Updates;

ImageSizer - Automatic Updates

Download ImageSizer 0.4.2

Known issues:

Unfortunately, no sooner than I’d released this version, I noticed another problem with it.  Or potential problem with it.  I haven’t built in any defaults to the application.  So my clever code to enable users to turn off the automatic updates now means that - because there’s no settings existing - the automatic updates will be turned off.  Ideally, it should remain turned on!  Darn those logical errors!

My next things to explore are “Start on Login”, “System Tray/Dock Icons” and “Google Analytics tracking”.