Minimal components: For when you don't feel like using Flex.

Nothing wrong with Flex of course, but Mark’s experiments got me thinking about using Bit-101’s MinimalComps [google code] all over again.  What are they? Well, they’re a set of simple components - Buttons, Checkboxes, basic containers - that are very lightweight in terms of the the size they add to your final SWF, and the processing power that’s needed to render them.

Why use the components? Well the Flex framework gets a bad rap for being pretty hefty on the download, and can be chuggy on the processor too, if you’re not careful.  MinimalComps doesn’t have this problem because it doesn’t require the Flex framework, and is pretty much the epitomy of minimalist design, which looks cool when you’re throwing your tech demos out there.

Well, I thought I’d give it a shout out!