Shottts - Dribbble for the BlackBerry Playbook

Shottts is an AIR application developed for the BlackBerry Playbook Tablet, developed by Mark Starling, of fame.

Shottts loads and displays a selection of the most recent updates from Dribbble, and displays them in a nice, touch screen interface. I happen to know that earlier desktop versions of the Shottts application were kicking about privately before BlackBerry launched their submit-an-app-get-a-free-Playbook contest, so its nice to see the app finally go live!

And once those Playbook devices go on sale over in the UK, and Mark can actually get his mitts on a physical device, I’m sure we’ll see more application updates. You can read more from Mark about Shottts in his announcement blog post.

If you’ve got a Playbook, I’d suggest you check out Shottts!