Using the FLVPlayback component in Flex

For all of its wonderful components, Flex doesn’t seem to have anything that can easily play an flv.  Even the examples in the Tour De Flex application all use basic Flex buttons, rather than the more interactive FLVPlayback component, which leaves you with either a lot of work to do, recreating the existing flash component, or sucking it up and cutting down the interactivity.  One of the main reasons we use Flex is because everything is so easy to put together, and it just strikes me as odd that there’s no built in FLVPlayback component.

However! All is not lost, thanks to this timely post from Flex Examples:

It’s not really groundbreaking stuff, but it’s a good place to start - and you can learn the basics that would show you how to use more Flash components in Flex.  All it really needs is an enhanced display - something with those magic attributes that make things work so well in the Flex design view…