Why your Next Marketing Hire should be a Robot.

If your Marketing strategy doesn’t already involve an automaton or some other form of repetitive work slave (interns don’t count) it really needs an upgrade.

For an Improved Customer Experience

Maintaining a customer base is easier when your customers have a good experience with your website. One proven way to achieve a positive experience is for them to have a personalised experience, and a personalised experience can come from tailored communications and data-led interventions.

Hire a Robot?

Unfortunately for your business, a truly personalised experience is a labour-intensive thing to construct and maintain manually. You could send regular messages to individuals asking for feedback, you could offer them discounts, you could look at their shopping habits and try to capitalise on them, but you’ll quickly hit a point where such activities stop being scalable without hiring more humans.

At that point, hire a Robot instead. Or at least, invest some time and/or money wisely and build yourself some tools to achieve marketing automation.

[What is] Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a bit of a catch-all term, but essentially it involves breaking down business-to-customer communications into identifiable chunks and finding ways to replace a manual human process into a completely automated one.

If you’ve ever got a (perhaps slightly impersonal) email from a company exactly 30 days after purchasing something, that’s probably marketing automation at work.

If you get a chat window pop-up midway shortly after returning to a website shopping basket you’d almost abandoned, that’s also probably marketing automation at work.

Put shortly, everyone else is already doing it. If you’ve not got automatons grooming your customers and making them feel special, it’s about time you looked at doing it as well.

Header image courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/74471232@N00/4530183325/