Win a copy of the Flash Facebook Cookbook, at my FlashMidlands session, this Saturday.

On Saturday 19th November I’ll be doing a session on the Flash Facebook Cookbook at the FlashMidlands meetup, and will have a copy or two of the book to give away.

In the session I will be looking at working with the Facebook Graph API and Flash. Starting where the Flash Facebook Cookbook starts we’ll cover relevant background theory on how the APIs work – how to authenticate applications and obtain access tokens, how to request data from, and send data to Facebook, and how to obtain Extended Permissions from the user.

I’ll be using Flash Builder and the Flex framework to show examples of how everything works in practice, and then we’ll have a look at the possibilities and limitations of what you can do with Flash and Facebook.

If that sounds fun, and you’re in the UK, and you can get to Warwick on Saturday, join me!

I’m terrified enough by the idea of giving a presentation, so more people can’t hurt!