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The Office Opening Ceremony...

Remember a few weeks ago, when I muttered something about moving offices?  Well, now we've moved it was about time we had an official opening ceremony - regardless of how corny that might be - but hey, at least we've something to celebrate.  (Especially if you pay much attention to the doom and gloom News).

I know you're all wishing you were there, but there has to be a limit on attendance.  But fear not - if you weren't there on the day, we have a short film prepared, and will follow up with some photos from the day, just as soon as our official photographer gets sends the images over. ( Hint, hint - Mark ).

Check out the news story on MMT Digital's website, or check below the jump to watch our video.

James Ford

James Ford

Front End web developer, author of the Flash Facebook Cookbook and Senior Developer at Deeson.

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