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Video Tutorial Link(s): Getting started with Regex

Ever wanted to learn how to use regular expressions but always thought they looked too complicated?

'In the Woods' are doing a series of tutorials on how to use them.

Day 1: //blog.themeforest.net/screencasts/regular-expressions-for-dummies/
Day 2: //blog.themeforest.net/screencasts/regex-for-dummies-day-2/
Day 3: //blog.themeforest.net/tutorials/regex-for-dummies-day-3/
Day 4: //blog.themeforest.net/screencasts/regex-for-dummies-day-4/

For most of the tutorials they have a quiz at the end, just to make sure you were paying attention! (It also gives you an insight into the topics they'll cover)

James Ford

James Ford

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