Resize multiple images and package them for e-mail transmission - introducing ImageSizer!

Or should I say, finally introducing ImageSizer.  If you’ve been here previously in the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed that a couple of links to an ImageSizer application have been floating around.  Back in September (at Flash on the Beach) Mark, our far-to-clever-for-his-own-good student showed me the inital work on an application he’d been working on for a couple of days - the subtley named ImageSizer.

Two months later and I’m finally getting around to implimenting what I offered him then, that we’d post it online and see what people think.  Well, here it is.

You can use the AIR Install Badge to install ImageSizer, or visit the dedicated ImageSizer page.

ImageSizer, as Marks’ explanation will tell, is an AIR application, designed in Fireworks and built in Flex, and what it does is provides you with a drag-and-drop interface for adding a bunch of Photos, resizing / renaming them, and then outputting them as a .zip file whereever you want.  It was designed for enabling non-techies to take massive images off their multi-megapixel cameras, easily resize and package them for sending via e-mail.

What I really liked about the application was Marks’ focus on the user interaction - not something that comes easily in an early stage prototype.  For example in the final stage of the zipping process, instead of prompting the user with a browse window to save the zip file, the application presents you with an icon, which you can drag and drop out of the application - so you don’t have to work with the annoying folder structures, you can just drop the files onto your desktop, or an open explorer / finder window.

The application impliments the AIR Update Framework too, so we could see some more features being added in the future, in Marks’ copious amounts of spare time…